We often see cheetahs in Cartier ads. Cheetah is Cartier’s biggest “spokesperson”, cheetah elegant noble atmosphere and Cartier perfect fit. And Cartier also launched a lot of cheetah-themed jewelry, the most famous is the Panther series.

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Panther is one of the most representative of Cartier animal jewelery. In 2014, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the release of cheetah jewelry, Cartier launched a new series of works of Panthère de Cartier, this hollow shape of the ring is one of them.

Early Cartier is famous for the British royal jewelery. Cartier is now the world’s leading luxury brands, which sell a lot of products. Such as Replica Cartier Love Bracelet is very representative. And the introduction of Panther Cartier jewelry more diversified, but also that Cartier jewelry production process more fine.

Cartier’s early works are often in real ruby ​​inlaid to show cheetah Smart gesture, this ring is cleverly to the appearance of the building to express this theme, vertical and horizontal lines from the same piece of platinum carved, not using any welding, Showing a cheetah fortitude personality.

Cheetah’s eye part of the mosaic emerald, nose part of the mosaic onyx, hollow ring surface decorated with small diamonds.

The launch of the Cartier Panther rings with a lot of diamonds, and the choice of emerald as cheetah’s eyes, the whole ring like an elegant cheetah. Giving a noble and elegant atmosphere.