May 20 is a great day to marry him. The boys who are going to propose on that day may be preparing a marriage-related relationship, including planning wedding ceremonies and choosing wedding rings. In fact, in addition to these problems, boys If you want to ask for a marriage, you should also know to marry Cartier ring Dai Fa, then, marry cartier yellow diamond ring replica wear left hand or right hand it? We can listen to Levis’s explanation, marry Cartier ring which left hand from the current line of view, most young people marry, they will marry Cartier ring on the right hand of the left hand, this approach has also become The accepted approach of the young people in the world as to why putting on a proposal of a Cartier ring on the left hand is related to the Western saying that because Westerners think wearing a Cartier ring on their left hand can receive the gift of God, To marry replica love ring cartier worn on the left hand of his girlfriend, but also hope that his girlfriend can get God’s gift and bless.

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Marriage Cartier ring right hand In China, many young people will wear diamond ring in accordance with the tradition of male left female, so the boys will marry Cartier ring in his girlfriend’s right hand, but to wear the Cartier ring There are indeed many inconveniences on the right hand, will affect the normal work and life, so even if some girls respect the male left female right approach, in everyday wear, still put the Cartier ring to wear on the left hand, marry Cartier ring wear Finger about marrying Cartier ring which finger to wear, there are two different ways, one is worn on the left middle finger, one is worn on the left hand ring finger, which marry replica cartier love ring worn on the left hand ring finger, but also from Western a saying, the Western ancients think there is a blood vessel on the left hand ring can lead to the heart, it is called the vein of love! Therefore, the boys in the proposal, that the true love of the Lesvos diamond ring worn on his girlfriend left ring finger on the time, just want to let your love can reach the heart of his girlfriend.


Regardless of which hand to marry Cartier ring finger, you want to marry his girlfriend, should be to buy a heart-shaped diamond ring as the prerequisite, and now many boys will choose custom diamond ring, marry Cartier ring wear left hand or right hand? Most young people will still marry Cartier ring on his left hand, of course, as Levis said, no matter which finger marry replica cartier ring to wear, should be the premise of choosing a unique diamond ring.