Now more and more beautiful silver jewelry, wearing more and more people, but silver jewelry has a defect, it is easy to oxidation black, then Cartier Replica Love Ring how to make silver jewelry quickly restore luster it? Common simple ways are the following: The most common and easiest way is to wipe the silver jewelry surface with a silver Replica Cartier jewelry cloth, and soon be able to restore the luster, need to be reminded is rub silver cloth can not be cleaned. A more professional way is to wash the water with a silver wash, the method is very simple but to control the time, if the treatment is not good then silver jewelry also damage. If the home did not rub silver cloth or wash the silver water, then you can also use toothpaste and soft brush cleaning, be sure to choose no frosted particles of toothpaste, otherwise it will damage the silver surface. In fact, silver jewelry cleaning is very simple, so do not be afraid of silver jewelry oxidation, as long as the correct treatment will be able to restore luster. Now more and more popular silver jewelry, many people also like to wear silver jewelry, but that is suffering from I do not know how to maintain, in fact, just take a little thought can make silver jewelry as long as new. When you wear silver jewelry, if you replica Hermes Clic Clac H bracelet find silver jewelry is yellow, the easiest way is to use toothpaste plus some water to wash, you can immediately restore the original beautiful. In order to prevent silver jewelry black and yellow, you can prepare a bottle of nail polish before cleaning, after cleaning coated with a layer of nail polish, but the mosaic class is not suitable for doing so. In addition, with the overnight tea soaked silver jewelry is also a good way to clean, or silver jewelry on the bubble in the night can also be restored bright. Finally, if the silver jewelry yellow serious, you can soak in the wash silver water, a few seconds immediately after the removal of cleaning can be dry. Like silver jewelry a lot of people, but because of the unstable nature of silver, it is easy to oxidize black or lose luster, so many people do not choose to wear it, in fact, as long as the daily life to spend a little thought can keep silver jewelry Bright as new, in addition to regular maintenance methods, but also the main two points. We all know that mercury erosion of silver jewelry, in fact, ozone can lead to black black, and many people do not know this, the silver jewelry on the daily life of the negative ion generator, disinfection cabinet, and then come out In addition, the tap water also has a serious erosion of silver jewelry, because replica Hermes earrings tap water usually contains bleach or chlorine, these two substances will make silver jewelry luster, so do not directly wash the silver jewelry with tap water, but also Do not wear silver jewelry. In fact, in order to distribute the natural color of silver jewelry luster, the best way is to wear every day, because the body’s grease it has a certain nourishing effect. It is well known that the biggest drawback of silver jewelry is to wear a long time after the black, black after the good-looking, in order to restore the glory of silver jewelry, the following may be helpful to you: For some have been black silver jewelry, try not to wash with silver water to wash, although more convenient but wash the silver water has a certain role in corrosion, washed with silver washed silver jewelry later easier to yellow. If it is some old silver jewelry, then more need to pay attention to maintenance, in order to maintain the original charm of ancient silver jewelry, cleaning, try to ensure that do not damage the ancient silver ornaments on the surface decoration, you can drop a few drops of alcohol in alcohol, Or cotton gently wipe, rub enough time to stop, avoid wiping bright shiny. Whether it is modern silver or ancient silver ornaments, maintenance methods are basically the same, without damaging it at the same time let it re-glow. On the silver jewelry cleaning that is simple, it is difficult to say, after all, there are some people because of Cartier love ring replica improper cleaning led to silver jewelry destroyed, so silver jewelry cleaning, the method is very important, usually the following methods can be cleaned. The first is to use tin foil, which is a new method of cleaning silver jewelry, the practice is very simple, just need to clean the silver jewelry on the tin foil, sprinkle enough to cover the silver jewelry salt, and then the foil Paper wrapped up in the container, and then pour the hot water replica hermes ring in the container, soak twenty or thirty minutes to take out the silver jewelry can be washed. The second is to use toothpaste cleaning, the first need to clean the silver simple cleaning, and then with a soft brush stained with toothpaste, and then rinse with water can be. Finally, the easiest way to use ultrasonic cleaning is both convenient and simple, for the surface polished primary silver jewelry wipe with a silver cloth on it.