Cherry red south red agate good and bad identification South red Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry agate cherry red bright like cherry like red is very pleasing. It is also more bright luster, jewel, so often used to make a ring face. Not as long as the bright red color is cherry red. Cherry red good or bad is still better to identify. We also have to pay attention to the election, and to distinguish Cartier love bracelet replica between water red and cherry red. Not all of the head can be called cherry red, cherry red should be like a red rosy color of cherry, there are some water through, but not the naked eye can see through the kind of. Identification of the old red agate cherry red the most important thing is to bright red, jewels. And those who do not have enough fine speckled with variegated and darkness is not good. When we choose the South red agate, we must look at Cartier Replica Love Bracelet the cracks and the like. In the selection of the time certainly no one would like to be the material of the crack, but the South red agate this naturally formed gem, it can not ask it to be a little split. There is a water line that is very similar to fine lines in the south red agate. It is similar to some small south red agate crack is very similar, not easy to identify. Identify lines and agate in the fine lines, with the naked eye will be more difficult to see. Small water lines and small cracks with the naked eye to see the words is basically no difference, this time need to use tools to help. In the light flashlight, the water line can be light and not split. Green agate color and jade may be similar, but the texture and structure and the difference is still relatively large jade, green agate whole body color, color uniform, no obvious color and color roots, and agate with color and color roots. To say and jade similar, compared to agate, or chalcedony is more similar to some. In the identification of chalcedony agate and emerald when it is still very easy. Green agate chalcedony color is artificial dyeing, agate dyed green is not for the purpose of counterfeit jade, but a traditional agate processing technology. The relative density of emerald and green agate is different. The relative density of agate is 2.65, and the relative density of emerald is 3.3. Therefore, the agate feel lighter than the emerald Package pulp, from the Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Bracelet name point of view we probably can know that is wrapped in the South red agate surface things. Its main ingredient is something like water and minerals, mud and the like in the process of the formation of the red onyx, little by little in the south of the red agate original stone surface formed a similar protective layer of things. But the risk of the original red agate is also great, in the South Red stone also has a lot of false phenomenon. So it is not good to distinguish. From the appearance to identify the words, such as the package of the South red agate original stone is usually not large, but the weight of the original stone than the ordinary, but also some of the original harder than the ordinary, smooth appearance. Experienced a long time to have such a package of pulp, not only inside the original stone, the skin is also very valuable outside. Identification of agate raw stone than the finished product to be difficult, first South red agate original stone gambling great, many of the original stone skin looked very good, open the mouth of the performance is also very good, but it is possible to cut all the impurities , Crystal and so on. Followed by Cartier love ring replica the growth of the red and blue red stone, its appearance and the South Red stone almost exactly the same, are dark brown shell. Only from the original stone section, to see their differences. And now there are a lot of bad businessmen to the poor quality of the South red agate wrapped up after the exposed part of the better to pretend to the high quality of the South red agate. So the identification of the South red agate stone also need a pair of fire eyes. We have a lot of ways to buy the South Red Agate, both in the regular store or wholesale market where the selection of the South red agate need to be carefully studied. Everyone in the selection of the time certainly do not want their own hard to pick out the South red agate finally found to be false, this is a waste of everyone’s time and energy, but also people feel depressed. How to identify the true red of the South red agate it In the identification of the south red onyx, there are many or Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Earrings need to rely on experience to determine. South red agate color is its characteristics and selling point, its color is Hongyan is not demonic, there is a calm feeling. And the fake south red agate color is more impetuous, want to float on the surface of the same feeling of stone. South red agate has no official requirements of the standard, so their own identification of red agate or rely on the accumulation of more experience, ask more to see less to buy. Water Agate is named after its mixed green or other colors. And the internal impurity of different Cartier nail bracelet replica forms of call is also different, like the grass is called aquatic agate, like moss called moss agate. Aquatic agate because the price has been low, and the internal pattern is not easy to fake, so the situation is not rare fraud. But it is not no fake. In the selection of the time we can not wear a complex instrument to pick the tool, this time is to test our eyesight, experience the time. From the texture to identify this agate, the fake manure is mostly imitation of stone, the texture is softer than the real. Some synthetic aquatic agate is very transparent, just like glass, and really aquatic agate is not so clean.