Bare diamond custom wind in the past few years is the more the more scraping the larger, then more than the direct purchase of diamonds other finished products become the most important way to become diamond trading is not impossible, relative to the purchase of diamond products, bare diamond custom with unparalleled price Rangli, you can DIY style for young men and women fashion is also a big attraction, because it means that you can choose more personalized diamond ring there are wood ah, but everything has both positive and negative, like bare diamond custom Friends and Xiaobian may wish to explore the shortcomings of bare drill in the end what, want to buy diamonds when the choice is the right choice?


Naked drill custom one of the shortcomings of time and labor, of course, this is relatively direct purchase of diamond products, from the selection of bare diamond to the choice of the choice of material, style DIY, diamond ring try every step of the need for consumers Of the participation, like DIY style consumers to spend time to think of creativity is also indispensable, to the designer communication is also a matter of energy there are wood, want the final product out closer to their own expectations, cost Time to communicate with designers and businesses is inevitable. Mode out, the consumer can also try out the experience, the need to improve the place of diamond ring, also need to find imitation Cartier love bracelet consumption. As a result, the time has passed, and finally bare drill customization there is a custom cycle is generally half a month, up to more than a month is not no. Count or to buy the diamond ring to save time, of course, after the consumption of time is also a direct purchase of diamond ring finished unparalleled gains.


Naked drill customization of the shortcomings of the need for more diamond knowledge support. Bare diamond customization of the biggest advantages, Xiaobian that can pick their own naked drill, to pick the bare diamond before you have to do homework, and how to choose? What to pick What is the standard? 4C (diamond color, clarity, weight, cut) how to divide, what level of 4C is suitable for their own budget, these are the consumption needs to consider the issue, there is no certain professional support, this problem is difficult to explore is not it. Of course, now bare diamond in the regular jewelry brand is sold with a certificate, consumers just learn to see the certificate, the problem to solve a lot, and now the most authoritative bare diamond identification certificate is a GIA certificate, relative to the domestic Diamond identification certificate, GIA 4C classification of the more detailed classification. The domestic certificate is mainly for the identification of finished products.


The rigidity of the design of the defects of bare drill customization. To the finished sale of diamonds with the shape, such as the shape of bare drill ah, the choice of material, the entire diamond ring style carving models are designed to use a wealth of professional design expertise, are generally more scientific and reasonable The For the layman, the design of a reasonable and beautiful diamond ring is not easy. So DIY style consumers and designers do a long time communication is necessary.


Finally Xiaobian said, although the bare drill customization of these more trouble, but for friends like bare drill custom, as long as the design of their favorite diamond ring, Xiao Bian believe that this is not a big thing. More casual consumers choose to buy diamond ring finished products is also possible.

There is a grade of men do not lack a table, attractive women wrist more than one bracelet. Bracelet in the women is always a lack of a life must be goods. Diamond bracelet for the natural diamond on the fanatical women is more and more good, more than a diamond bracelet is better than a good one. Diamond bracelet custom is the pursuit of individuality of women to buy a good choice of bracelet.

Diamond bracelet custom process and bare diamond custom, almost to determine the custom style, which requires consumers and customer service or designer to do the interaction, and the ability to draw a friend can put their own design ideas directly to the Designer Oh Of course, consumers can also choose the existing style, and then you can add personal elements in the above. Followed by a good selection of diamonds, in the selection of diamonds must be privately first understand the knowledge of diamond 4C Oh, so pick up to be more handy, Xiao Bian that the selection of diamonds must pay attention to the matching and coordination of various parameters, on the one hand.


Diamond bracelet custom style choice, diamond bracelet styles varied, then how to choose it? What kind of diamond bracelet is suitable for their own? Zoca diamond bracelet style is very good, friends can refer to the reference Oh.


Diamond bracelet custom style one: cherry small pill series simple fresh models


Cherry small pill series Diamond bracelet is the classic cartoon character of the image of the small balls designed for the inspiration, rose 18K gold for the material, surrounded by small balls of small balls, fresh and lovely, small balls with you back to nature. Is a great gift for lovers and friends.

Diamond bracelet custom style of the two: love of love series low-key luxury models


Beautiful night sky, stars flashing, pick off one, give you the favorite, star diamond Replica Cartier jewelry bracelet, with bright stars to decorate the girl’s beauty, the brightest stars from the sky off, lingering in your wrist On the wanton shine, as the fairy tale thousands of spirits of the princess princess, stars are your beautiful makeup, gestures between, highlight the romantic style. This is a white 18k gold 66 points, VG diamond bracelet, from 5 main drill and 6 small diamond inlaid, worn in his hand, diamonds crystal clear, gestures inadvertently will be thousands of style.


What is a bare drill custom? In the jewelry store directly to buy the diamond ring is already mosaic good, this is called the diamond ring finished products, this time bare diamond and ring is already configured, the customer can pick their favorite diamond ring away. What is the bare drill custom? Simply refers to the customer to choose their favorite bare diamond and ring, or re-design the style of the ring, the last business to help you processing into a diamond ring.


What is a bare drill custom? What is the process of customization of bare diamond customization? The first step to choose a custom jewelry brand. Many jewelry brands are custom-made to accept bare drill, such as Chow Sang Sang, Chow Tai Fook, Diamond Birds, Zoca and other jewelry brands, there are some small workshops jewelry processing plants have a lot of people choose, because the price looks very favorable. But Xiaobian or recommend customers to choose more formal brand more secure. The second step to select the bare drill, in the Zoacai, the customer can choose a good diamond on the Internet 4C, to the physical store experience; can also be directly to the store to purchase. The third step to choose the material and style of the ring. Zuo Kay relatively hot selling style 18K gold and Perkin most of the customers can refer to the selection; for the arrangement style, the customer can directly in the Zuo Kay jewelry selection of favorite style, more classic to the electric shock series , Encounter series, etc., customers can DIY their own style. The fourth test receipt, bare diamond custom production cycle is generally 15 days, the style can be as fast as a week, the style may be a month or so complex, so the need to customize the diamond ring to do special purpose customers should pay attention to grasp Good custom time Oh


What is a bare drill custom? How to identify the authenticity of diamonds? The value of 90% of the diamond is determined by the value of diamonds, so bare diamond identification is particularly important to buy diamond ring is also a luxury consumption, but also a big blood investment, of course, to be careful. So how to identify bare drill? What is more scientific and simple way to take? The most simple and scientific method of course is the purchase method is purchased directly after the diamond identification authority is done to identify the wood has. Here are some of the professionals according to the natural properties of diamonds summed up some of the methods, interested friends can try Oh.

1, pencil identification identification


First diamonds dipped in water, and then pencil gently over the diamond over, really pencil strokes of the place is left without traces; if it is glass, crystal and other materials made of false diamonds, the surface will leave traces The


2, touch feel


Diamonds with lipophilic hydrophobicity, the use of hand touch the surface of the real drill, there will be a sticky feeling, diamonds have a affinity for fat, and human fingers will secrete some tiny pieces of skin oil, this skin grease and diamonds Of the crystal face contact, it will produce sticky feeling. This stickiness is diamond-specific, and the false drills do not have this feeling.


3, the purchase of GIA certificate with bare diamond, GIA identified bare diamond will be engraved with laser coding, the customer can enter the official website of the GIA bare diamond code query authenticity.