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The soft snake features are the idea of ​​the replica Bulgari ring

Le 10 June 2018, 12:21 dans Lifestyle 0

In the latest years of the fake bvlgari ring men design, the Bulgari to capture the spirit of the snake and the charm of the characteristics of the re-interpretation of different colored stones, showing structural modeling, in the winding snake-shaped scales on the uncompromising attention to innovation. The soft curve of the snake and the exquisite jewelry mosaic process complement each other, giving the Serpenti Viper series bulgari serpenti ring price fake strong sense of flow; its triangular design echo the snake’s triangle head, end to end, to create an infinite loop of fine geometric design.


In the design of the bvlgari ring rose gold replica, Bvlgari has adopted numerous new ways to interpret the python’s Smart posture, and constantly let the goldsmith craft and high-end jewelry to get rid of new sparks. Made of snake skin with a non-toxic water snake, thin and plump, with medium scales between lizards and common snakes. Leather surface pleasing to the eye, comfortable and durable. When it is worn in the fingers, vivid colors and color palette will be feminine soft feeling of the more sensitive touch.


As the animal kingdom camouflage master, the snake’s solemn danger, charm enchanting Serpenti Viper series of intellectual charm features highlight the most vividly. Gorgeous gorgeous gems, glorious diamonds and beautiful and beautiful material pavilions, not only Serpenti Viper replica bvlgari engagement ring intellectual and elegant double expression, it is this Serpenti bold show off the colorful highlights of the inside. Will knock off bvlgari serpenti ring and jewelry match, enjoy playing the snake brought the ever-changing magic.

Bulgari ring replica perfectly inherited the brand’s serpentine culture

Le 10 June 2018, 12:20 dans Lifestyle 0

All along, the mysterious legend of the snake is the source of the inspiration of Bulgari, since the 1940s Bulgari first serpentine watch since the birth of the snake has become a charming and real brand logo.


Bugger is a love snake, not only because it is the legendary mysterious and sacred synonymous, or was regarded as immortal, power and charm of the incarnation and very attractive. Now, the snake still represents the mystery. Each year, the Bulgari Serpenti series will make a new interpretation of the snake totem, filling its attractive charm. From the ancient Roman era, it was regarded as immortal, power and charm of the incarnation, and the world famous brand replica bvlgari engagement ring brand deep.



Replica bvlgari men ring was born in the 1940s first Serpenti jewelry, is a winding around the wrist snake watch. Since then, the Serpenti series has been reinterpreted with different gems every year, as the precious snake skin has evolved. This year replica bvlgari ring for man new Serpenti series of rings, the perfect heritage of the brand’s history and culture, from mens bvlgari ring replica classic works to draw inspiration and contemporary innovative way to re-interpretation of the flow of light in the fingers of the bright light.


The new Serpenti series of rings, with gorgeous gorgeous red chalcedony, glorious diamonds and beautiful and beautiful mother of pearl, each other, the snake-like soft curve will be precious material connected, gorgeous extremely. Bvlgari ring men replica unique mosaic process to show the ring full of sense of volume and a strong sense of flow, the overall feeling like a snake scales smooth, exquisite eye-catching.

The most loyal diamond ring is none other than Cartier

Le 21 May 2018, 12:09 dans Lifestyle 0

love cartier ring fake represents a lifetime of love only one romantic commitment, is the highest faith of loyalty. And every girl has a “Westward Journey” in the Zixi fairy had a dream, hope that their loved ones can take a symbol of faith and commitment to the ring to propose to their own, to say the phrase: in my name, crown you Between life, accompanied by one, one go hand in hand. The promise. This is the brand name of Cartier diamond ring.


Cartier is known as a true love ring, is the first to engage in custom wedding ring custom brand Hong Kong diamond ring brand, it is learned that each card Diya replica cartier rings for men are required to be real-name custom, give this love of the people; and Cartier diamond ring life only one person, Love a person, it is very romantic and unique. In the real love daughter hard to find the moment, a sincere love vow more increasingly precious, which is Cartier attracts many stars and thousands of couples competing to customize the charm lies. Love symphony: true love, Mo live up to!


This love symphony is surrounded by 12 powder drill a white diamond, like men with their own twelve really guarding the girls, guarding the love. Famous movie star Wang Baoqiang has real name custom this ring, also microblogging high-profile love life only send one person. So, this symbol of a man really ring, if you can not really life for him, then do not wear. True love Love symphony – rare luxury pink diamond ring female ring quit ring a soft spot: hold your hand, and grow old! This is a soft spot by the rose petal-style ring will be the main drill up the whole hold up, just as men do their best to hold up the love of a really the same.


Well-known emotional instructor Tu Lei was his wife’s real name custom this ring, said the replica cartier ring men on behalf of their own identification and dedication. Of course, this soft mind will be cherished, because the man’s loyalty, which woman willing to live up to? A soft spot – emotional expert Tu Lei customized diamond jewelry ring to accompany you to the old: love right, hit it off! This is always accompanied by you by the elegant petal-style ring will hold up the main drill, just like a man really cherish the love of a good time. The famous table tennis player Zhu Shihe had his wife real name custom this ring, his wife for the hard work of the comfort and gratitude, so they use this to accompany you to the old ring to show a loyal heart. replica cartier men ring is loyal to the highest faith of love, then wear this symbol of loyalty to the heart of the diamond ring of the ladies, or choose not to wear, or is wearing a lifetime, and his loyalty to each other life, so loyal love, is the most beautiful love.

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